Iberá Project Staff

General Coordination CLT Argentina


Sofia Heinonen – Biologist
Integrates the directory of CLT Argentina and directs the Iberá Wetland project since early 2005. Sofia has settled with her two children in Rincon del Socorro farm. Previously and during 15 years she worked in the National Parks Service based in Iguazu in the management of Argentina’s northeast Parks, and in national NGOs for defending protected areas and endangered species.

Responsible of Southern Reserves and Infrastructure


Fernando Sosa – Pilot
Commercial pilot and flight instructor. He is in charge of the administration and logistics for all our reserves. His contribution towards the aesthetics and maintenance on all our reserves is most appreciated by all team members, as well as his skills to pilot airplanes, which are of critical help for wildlife monitoring on the field.

Rewilding Coordinator


Sebastián Di Martino – Biologist, Master in Protected Natural Spaces
Sebastián is in charge of coordinating the reintroduction of extirpated species in Iberá since 2016. Before this, he had worked for 19 years for the provincial government of Neuquén in Argentinean Patagonia in the management of protected areas. He also worked for the WCS with landscape species in the province of San Juan and for the administration of National Parks in the development of management plans and monitoring of conservation units.

Public Relations Programme in Corrientes


Marisi López – Director of the Iberá Project
Coordinator of the Scenic Route Project and Public Accesses of Iberá Natural Reserve. She is also responsible of the project’s institutional relations. Previously, she has worked in different consultancies on public relations in Buenos Aires and as event’s organizer, where she has acquired a wide experience.

Media and Communication


Marian Labourt – Media and Communication
In charge of CLT Press and Communication Area. She has an original background with a bachelors in systems, and later specialized in press through the experience gained in companies, institutions and editorials. She constantly works with journalists and other people contributing to the broadcast Iberá.

Conservation Director and Communications Coordinator


Ignacio Jiménez Pérez – Biologist, Master in Wildlife Management and Conservation
He coordinated the rewilding program for ten years until 2015 and he’s presently acting as Conservation Director and Communications Coordinator. Ignacio has a wide international experience in conservation issues, since he has coordinated research and management projects on manatees (Costa Rica and Nicaragua), golden-crowned sifakas (Madagascar), wetlands (Salvador) and endangered wildlife recovery programmes (Spain).

Land and Legal Issues Programme


Teresita María Iturralde – Lawyer
Teresita is specialist in environmental rights and coursed studies on politics and environmental management in Sweden: she is currently doing her PhD in Political Sciences. She has worked in several legal projects and also worked in law research. She has been working for CLT since mid of 2014.

Administration Direction


Laura Fernández – Public Accountant
Board member of CLTA and Financial responsible for Tompkins Conservation activities in Argentina since November 2002. Previously, she has worked during nine years as a member of PricewaterhouseCoopers as Audit manager and involved on fusion and economical groups acquisitions. Previously she worked in accounting firms and family businesses.

Responsible for the Jaguar Breeding Center and Wildlife Monitoring in San Alonso


Maite Ríos Noya Biologist
Responsible for the Jaguar Breeding Center and the monitoring programs for reintroduced anteaters, pampas deer and aguará guazú populations in the San Alonso reserve. Previously, she worked as an external consultant for the Migratory Species Convention from the United Nations and as responsible of different projects for the Ornithology Spanish Society. She has more than 10 years of experience working with species and protected areas as well as international cooperation projects related to the environment.

Wildlife Veterinarian


Jorge Peña Martínez – Veterinarian
Clinic veterinarian of wildlife projects in CLT since 2013. He is in charge of guarantying the health status of anteaters, peccaries, manned wolves, green winged macaws, pampas deer and jaguars in Iberá Natural Reserve. Previously, he has worked for seven years as a veterinarian in a European zoo, and collaborated with different international conservation projects in Costa Rica and Congo Democratic Republic.

Veterinarian Coordinator


Gustavo Solis – Veterinarian, Specialist in Wildlife
CLT Veterinarian coordinator, with wide experience in wildlife management. Founder and former director of the NGO “Wildlife Rescue”. He has worked as advisor for the National Park Administration, Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina, state wildlife agencies in northern Argentina and the Veterinarian Faculty (UNNE). Gustavo play a critical role in the management of relationships with governmental agencies and zoos that could donate animals to our rewilding program.



Ana Carolina Rosas - Veterinarian
Veterinarian for the rewilding project in the Iberá Reserve. She is in charge of ensuring the health and welfare of the animals to be reintroduced in the quarantine facilities, and of their health check and anesthesia once the animals have been released. Graduated from the Universidad Nacional Nordeste (Corrientes) with one of the best academic averages (9,03), she worked as a professor in the chair of surgery and anesthesiology of the Veterinary Medicine career of the same university. With numerous scholarships for research and specialization, he had the opportunity to increase her technical and scientific background in Colombia, Brazil and South Africa.

Responsible for Wildlife Management and Monitoring in Rincón de Socorro


Emanuel Galetto – Park Ranger
In charge of monitoring anteaters, peccaries and pampas deer. He started working in Rincon del Socorro in December 2012 as a volunteer for three months and previously worked as a volunteer in different mammal behaviour projects.

Responsible of the Anteater Quarantine and Rescue Centre


Alicia Delgado – Biologist
During her first years working for CLT, she studied the wild ranging pampas deer population sited outside Iberá, and she is currently responsible for the Anteater Rescue Center close to Corrientes city. She made her graduate thesis on howler monkeys behaviour and conducted a research on biological pest control for the United States Agriculture Department.



Talía Zamboni - Biologist
In charge of publications, and text translations to English. She specialized in Wildlife Management and Conservation in Costa Rica and Oxford. She started at CLT in 2009 as a volunteer in the anteater reintroduction project, and carried out her undergraduate, master and diploma thesis on various themes about pampas deer, anteater and jaguar in Iberá. She also has been in charge of the Corrientes vuelve a ser Corrientes campaign during 2015.

Macaws Reintroduction Technician


Leandro Vásquez – Park Ranger and Naturalist
Leandro is responsible for the care, feeding and monitoring of during quarantine, pre-release and free ranging periods of the project. He started working as a volunteer on the pampas deer and anteater reintroduction projects in 2011. Since April 2015 he works as a field technician for the CLT bird’s project.

Iberá Training Centre Coordinator


Valeria Francisco – Master in Marine Biology and professor of Biological Sciences
She coordinates the Iberá Centre for Leadership of Biodiversity Conservation which, through intensive courses and internships, aims to train young people and professionals in large ecosystem restoration and conservation. Previously, she had experience in management of joint programs between secondary and university education at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires and also worked for five years in tropical marine biology research in Panama and Colombia.

Responsible of Public Use of Northern Reserves


Hada Irastorza – Cultural Manager
Cultural Manager with training in plastic arts. Coordinates the public use of CLT reserves and cultural activities of Iberá. She has experience in cultural management in the province of Corrientes, and in the conceptualization and implementation of touristic experiences and on small hotels setting with local identity in north-eastern Argentina.

Park Ranger


Rafael Abuín - Park Ranger
He is in charge of the audiovisual production for the project. Born in Galicia, Spain, he started working at CLT in 2013 as a volunteer for the anteaters and pampas deer reintroduction projects in San Alonso, where he worked for four years as a monitoring officer. Previously, he worked on forest management and mapping projects, and on environmental education and wildlife censuses at the Iberian Lynx Project, Spain.