The Park, Conservation
on Public Lands

With a total of 482,000 hectares covered by aquatic vegetation, the Iberá Provincial Park, declared as such by the government of Corrientes, is located inside the Iberá Nature Reserve. It is meant for the enjoyment of every Correntino and to serve as an economic engine for the neighboring municipalities which can benefit from the production of nature and wildlife.

The area of the Park was established by decree in 2009 and was defined by mapping the inaccessible public territory located at the far end of the farms. These lands, considered inappropriate for livestock, were "discovered" by a new vision of local development: wildlife production as a marketable resource through tourism. The 10 municipalities located at the Iberá basin and others nearby will be the direct beneficiaries of this new economic alternative made possible as a result of the creation of the Provincial Park.

This territory which has gained value as a consequence of its potential for ecotourism, must be adequately looked after and prepared in order to maintain its quality and sustainability to yield the best results over the years. Good Production Practices will also be necessary to properly carry out the production of nature and wildlife.

The Iberá Provincial Park was created on public land that lingered inside the wetlands and, like any other territory under productive use it must be adequately fenced and guarded. With well-established boundaries the park rangers can work with wildlife, which is the productive purpose of the Park: to achieve good quality and abundance of native animals which will guarantee a world class experience for the tourist. With their own budget, infrastructure and equipment the park rangers have the role of managers and the responsibility to ensure the production of nature in the 482,000 hectares of land.

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