Community Work

In CLT we seek to encourage the development of local tourism as a way to reduce the migration of young people to the cities as well as to win allies for conservation. Through dialogue, support and specific training activities we work to achieve this.

Jointly with the settlers we find strategies to give their traditional knowledge and activities a use for an ecotourism industry based on the local culture. With this in mind we have worked especially with the communities of Carambola, Ñu Py and Mboy Cuá places, without neglecting the dialogue with neighboring towns such as San Miguel, Concepción, Villa Olivari, Ituzaingó and Pellegrini.


We seek to support local entrepreneurs through training, promotion and, in some cases by granting them permission to provide services within the CLT reserves in the area.

Because we believe that we can find more strength through unity, we prioritize the alliance with local cooperatives and associations. Thus, we maintain an open dialogue with the associations of Iberá Pora guides, Yasi Bera, Ituzaingó, Carlos Pellegrini and Mburucuyá guides . The main issues of concern are developing new tourist products, branding Iberá and promoting the destination. Specialized press and visits by tour-operators are organized as well as collaborating in trade fairs.